Due to India’s considerable geographical diversity, there is a considerable list of action sports activities. With the growing recognition of fantasy action sports activities a number of the Indian population, many old, in addition to newly located fantasy action sports are making an appearance. Covering nearly all elements of nature, India has a listing of crazy opportunities in relation to interesting activities.

Here is a list of some fantasy action sports or adventure sports that you can try in India.

1. Paragliding


Paragliding is not a new game to fantasy action sports list. It mostly happens at locations with high mountain levels, in most cases Himachal Pradesh. Everything appears to be excellent whilst you are up inside the sky floating like a fowl amidst the cool breeze or freezing snow. The riders fly up on an unfastened flying light-weight paraglider with excessive protection measures. It permits you to seize the breathtaking perspectives of the town protected both with snow or greenery. Best Places to head Paragliding in India:

  • Himachal Pradesh – Bir Billing
  • Bangalore – Nandi Hills

2. White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting

White water River rafting in Ganga at Rishikesh becomes an addiction & you won’t come to know when it happened. Rishikesh is a town located in the Garhwal location of Uttarakhand, amidst the incredible Himalayas, Rishikesh is one among the only locations for froth River Rafting in India. One receives to revel in the mood-spectrum of the river at the rapids through numerous trouble ranges of Grade I to Grade IV.

With uncommon names like Sweet Sixteen, Double problem and Three Bling Mice, there are thirteen interesting river rapids in Rishikesh starting from nine km to 36-km lengthy stretches. Best locations to tour for froth rafting:

  • Zanskar River, Ladakh
  • Beas River, Kullu & Manali
  • Lohit River, Arunachal Pradesh

3. Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is slowly gaining its recognition as one of the excellent fantasy action sports activity in India. The Northwest of Bengal has emerged as a dearest vicinity for the mountain bike junkies. With its excessive mountain levels and paths, it serves the excellent spot for mountain cycling. Forget your Royal Enfield’s, you need to pedal up via the tough off roads and terrains, both with bicycles or specifically designed mountain bikes. It’s an unstable game however with the proper protection tools you are all set to go. Best locations to head Mountain Biking in India:‍

  • Munnar
  • Manali – Leh

4. Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping

Jump, fall off, and let go all of your concerns and wearies of your life. It is considered as one of the acute sports activities wherein you need to soar or crumple from the edge of a quiet high platform. That sounds frightening and bold too!… There could be a loosely lengthy elastic rope connected to you while you fall & come close to the water or terrain below. Take a deep breath and do the plunge, as we live life forever. Where to head for Bungee Jumping in India?

  • Ozone Adventures in Bangalore
  • Della Adventure in Lonavala

5. Skydiving


Are you geared up to enjoy an adrenaline rush like in no way experienced before? Skydiving is of different types, you need to fall to the open blue & unending sky from a helicopter, that’s the basics. The divers might be connected with a parachute and different protection measurements earlier than falling off. Unchain your self from the struggles of lifestyles and revel in the Indian paradise from a bird’s eye view amidst the fluffy clouds.Best Places for Skydiving in India:

  • Aamby Valley – Maharashtra
  • Mysore – Karnataka
  • Deesa – Gujarat

6. Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Are you geared up to enjoy an adrenaline rush like in no way experienced before? Skydiving is of different types, you need to fall to the open blue & unending sky from a helicopter, that’s the basics. The divers might be connected with a parachute and different protection measurements earlier than falling off. Unchain yourself from the struggles of lifestyles and revel in the Indian paradise from a bird’s eye view amidst the fluffy clouds. Best Places for Skydiving in India:

  • Shelter Cove, Goa
  • Cinque Island ( Port Blair), Andaman and Nicobar Islands
  • Netrani Island, Karnataka

7. Zipline


Now take your fun to the next level with ropes & pulleys. In this is fantasy action sports you will be connected to a rope with pulleys, normally connected from the highest to the lowest level. It lets in the loose fall or slide of the rider from the height peak to the lowest stage, with out a pause of breath. Mostly Zip traces are constructed over waterfalls or inexperienced canopies or smoky sky levels to feature a chunk of the extraordinary and soothing airy splendor of nature.

Where to try Zipline in India?

  • Munnar, Kerala
  • Mussoorie, Uttarakhand
  • Kerwa Dam, Madhya Pradesh

8. Surfing


Surfing, the water action sport is a sport which you play with the daredevil waves. The surfer rides on a board freely ahead dealing with the loud waves, which incorporates the surfer to the shore. Before going for a hard surf ride, make sure that you’re mentally and physically set to stand the wave. Because waves are loud and deep, however you need to experience the ride! So what is the wait to get you & your surfboard to the sea? Best locations for Surfing in India;

  • Ramakrishna Beach, Andhra Pradesh
  • Kovalam Beach, Kerala
  • Gokarna, Karnataka

9. Heli Skiing

Heli Skiing

Heli skiing is one of the sport which takes you to a completely different level. This is an most classy challenge for a born skier or boarder who is keen to carve limitless tracks withinside the fluffy snow. Leave behind your gang and chaos to experience a calming snow ride. The rider is left in the deep paths of snow through a helicopter or chopper and left in solitude to experience the coronary heart out. But earlier than you hit the slopes, ensure you’ve got the proper ski gear. Best Locations for Skiing in India:

  • Manali, Himachal Pradesh
  • Gulmarg, Kashmir

10. Water Rappelling

Water Rappelling

It is the most heroic sport activity which you can plan to do. In water rappelling you need to climb down a rock floor with the assistance of ropes. The rock floor might be amidst the madly falling water. With the assistance of thick ropes, protective gears and training team, you’re made to climb down the rock floor with the soothing touch and noisy silence of the water. The enthusiastic slide down via the speeding water is an experience which should be captured in your book of adventure sports. Where to head for Water Rappelling in India-

  • Chelavara Waterfalls, Coorg Karnataka
  • Jogini Waterfall, Manali Himachal Pradesh
  • Kondane Caves, Lonavala

11. Snorkeling


Snorkeling is similar to scuba diving however with out the oxygen tanks to your back. Snorkeling is a fun loving sport mostly done with a group of people. Using snorkel fins and masks you need to dive into the deep ocean and discover the aquatic international to its best. It is a kind of freediving in which you need to wander round in the deep ocean with the flow and your body. Try the easy breath masks for an convenient experience. ‍Best locations to move for Snorkeling in India;

  • Elephant Beach on Havelock Island
  • Andaman and Nicobar Islands
  • Monkey Island , Goa

12. Kayaking


Kayaking is a water game wherein everyone should have a kayak to move through the waters. Mostly executed in singles Kayaking takes you through the rippling water into the lap of nature. Paddle thru the soothing water, alongside the small waves and pushes to a truth by no means skilled before. Kayaking is likewise executed in deeper and rougher water, relying upon your talent to paddle and take care of the kayak.

Best Kayaking Locations in India:

  • Kali River, Uttarakhand
  • Back waters, Kerala
  • Brahmaputra River, Arunachal Pradesh

13. Glacier Climbing

Glacier Climbing

Have you ever wished to be the Wildlings like Ygritte or Tormund from Game of thrones? Here is your dream come true. Hike up the snow mountains with an interesting and unstable journey recreation of glacier hiking. Glaciers aren’t your ordinary hike up hills, as a substitute extra hard and a difficult nut to crack. You want stable hiking boots, ropes, ice axes and many others as important equipment. By plunging with the ice awl into the glacier and protecting at the rope, you need to climb little by little with precision to attain the top. It is an intense recreation with a chunk strenuous policies and exercise.Where to move Glacier Climbing in India?

  • Khatling Glacier,Himalayas
  • Milam Glacier, Uttarakhand

14. Dirt Biking

Dirt Biking

Sometimes dirt stains are good for you! Enough of driving on easy and paved roads. Get to your dirt bikes and own the off roads to your name. Dirt biking is one of the extreme activity. Dirt motorcycles are bikes made for strolling on streets and tough paths. You must seize the helmet and plunge your bike tires via the dust, which can be hard, and race to the sector of fantasy. Make sure that you have read all the instructions & you are wearing all of the protection measures

Best locations for Dirt Biking in India;

  • Coorg – Karnataka
  • Munnar – Kerala.

15. Kitesurfing


This airborne sport works with the aid of wind power. It comprises a wing-shaped sail, which floats in the direction of the wind. You have to clinch on the sail with a tight rope around you. Stick on to the rope and the kite wing takes you over the never-ending lush green lands or blue water bodies or the white fluffy snow. Enjoy nature when it is at its best.

Best places to go for Kitesurfing in India:

  • Beaches of Goa
  • Blue Bell Beach, Dwaraka, Gujarat

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