Surfing is not just “a sport of sailing based on the skill of steering on the water surface on a specially shaped board. It’s not just the pleasure of riding a wave and speeding at breakneck speed. It’s not even a generous dose of adrenaline lavished on you by the elements. Surfing is a way of life and a Dream.

You’ve watched “Riding the Giants”, “On the Crest of a Wave” three times and still can’t tear yourself away from the endless videos on the web, showing these cheeky and daring surfers! The men you admire and admire, and the girls secretly a little bit jealous.

Today a large number of people in the world engaged in surfing, and it is especially developed in countries that have access to the ocean. Surfing there – it is not an exotic sport, like here, it can be a regular hobby, a lesson at school or morning exercises before work.

When our compatriots decide to try surfing, most often their choice falls on well-known places and countries they’ve seen in movies, TV shows or heard about from their fellow surfers. Surfing – it’s a vast ocean, waves, sun, beautiful beaches and tanned surfers – these are the pictures we see on the websites of surf camps. We are ready to buy tickets, book a trip and rush to conquer the waves. But is everything so serene and perfect? Let’s look at it from the other side.